Terms and conditions for using CIBOS.CLOUD web app owned by FVM Srl

FVM Srl is a company incorporated under Italian law, with registration number in the Treviso commercial Register no. 05051720265. VAT number : IT 05051720265 - Email: contact@fvmitalia.com.


The license conditions for the use of the Web App called "Cibos.cloud" (hereinafter also "App") are described below, ie the terms and conditions with which FVM Srl (hereinafter also "service manager") offers users access to services (hereinafter "user service") accessible through the App itself. Through the App, the user, using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or other devices suitable to support it) is able to access information resources and services, provided by the service manager or by third parties (*) and made available for the user with specific reference to their profile. The App offers personalized services after authentication using the credentials obtained during registration. (*) These are sites and/or applications developed and/or made available by subjects which are different from the manager of the Web App service of FVM Srl members.


By using the App, the user expressly accepts the following license conditions: interfaces, contents, fonts, related documentation and, in general, everything related to the App, as well as all subsequent updates, are granted in use by FVM Srl, to be used only under the terms and conditions established in this document. FVM Srl reserves all rights (author, distinctive signs and intellectual property) provided in this document and not expressly granted to the user. FVM Srl also reserves the right to make future updates available at its discretion. In this case, unless the update is governed by a separate license, the license terms and conditions established in this document will also govern future updates of the software.


• Info and news: the user can view the info and news on the FVM Srl Shareholders' website and the initiatives promoted by the Public Relations office. • Users with an active account can receive notifications based on the agreed Power Service Operator. • Documents: documents of general interest published by FVM Srl are visible to the user, such as communications, circulars, regulations, etc., and specific documents addressed to the individual user. • The user will be given the opportunity to make the direct connection of the App on the device as a simple navigation link or to download the App on their device.
Any reports on the operation of the App can be sent to contact@fvmitalia.com


All FVM Srl shareholders registered in the shareholders' register will be able to access the App.
To become a service user you need to:
• have a mobile device suitable for running the Web App (for example Chrome/Firefox/Safari etc.); • create your user profile by entering your credentials (Sap Identification Code if cooperator user or subject code, social security number, email address and password); the registration requires validation through e-mail addressed, by the system, to the mailbox indicated in the registration itself; • accept the conditions described in this document relating to the license to use and terms and conditions of use of the service, as well as read the document entitled: "Information on the processing of personal data" (https://app.cibos.cloud/privacy) available on the FVM Srl website and, where required, give your consent to processing your personal data released to access this service.


Through the App, FVM Srl makes a secure access to its server available to the user, which will direct the requests of information resources formulated by the user, by encrypting them, to the interfaces of the computer systems that hold the same resources.


To offer information and services in the best possible way, this site uses technical cookies and third-party cookies described in the relative policy (https://app.cibos.cloud/privacy).


Access and use of the service are free and are not subject to subscriptions or other forms of tariff schemes. The transmission of the data necessary for the use of the service may involve economic costs depending on the method of connection to the Internet from time to time used. These charges are to be understood as the sole responsibility of the user and depend on the tariff plan signed by the latter with their supplier for the connection service to the data network. In the case of a User with a Registered Account, all information will be made available to the User for a period of 90 days from the last access to their data.


The reservations made by the users are subject to possible agreements with other operators that make them possible according to their methods.


The use of the service implies, for the user, the following prohibitions: • violating the laws, the rights of others and the terms and conditions of the service; • interfering with the use of the service made by other users; • publishing false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or libelous data (including personal information); • publishing any information present on the system (social, media, etc.); • taking actions aimed at destabilizing the proper functioning of the service, for example by intentionally causing an overload of the service's technological infrastructure; • spreading viruses or any other technology aimed at damaging the servers used for the provision of the service or at prejudicing the interests or rights of other users; • violating registered trademarks and intellectual property rights (including those relating to graphic elements and, in general, multimedia content) connected to the provision of the service; • manually or automatically copying, or collecting in any way information about users, including e-mail addresses, without their consent.


The service manager guarantees the maximum effort to keep the service running optimally and to ensure the safety of users. For any report about problems, offensive content, or violations of these conditions, the user can write to contact@fvmitalia.com. If the service manager believes that a user has taken actions in violation of these conditions and terms of service, he may, by way of example and in his discretion, limit, suspend or interrupt access to the service and take the necessary technical and legal measures to his best protection and for the service itself. The service manager also reserves the right to block or limit the account to the loss of User status.


The service manager assumes no responsibility for the correctness and quality of third party information disseminated through the service, nor for the behavior of users. The service manager provides the App "as it is" and disclaims any responsibility towards the user for any damage caused by its use (from installation, execution, to uninstallation). The service manager also declines any responsibility for any damage resulting from the inaccessibility of the service or from any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletion of contents, problems connected to network connectivity, providers or connections telephone, from unauthorized access, from alteration of data, from the failure and/or faulty functioning of electronic equipment owned or in the availability of the user. The user acknowledges that the service manager is not responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by the user (by way of example only, the e-mail address, telephone number, postal address etc.), as well as information concerning the user and which is provided by a third party, even fraudulently. The service manager is responsible for the preservation and secrecy of the personal data that the user has released during the use of the services made available. Therefore, the user undertakes to promptly communicate to FVM Srl, at the e-mail address (DPO box), any improper or unauthorized use of their personal data or any other breach of security of which they become aware. Credentials are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. User data is managed according to the regulations in force (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and General Data Protection Regulation - EU Regulation 2016/679).


By accepting the terms and conditions of the service described in this document, the user undertakes to indemnify FVM Srl and who, in any way, works for the operation of the service from any claim or request for compensation, including legal fees, coming from third parties, which may arise from the violation of even one of the conditions contained in this document, the violation of legal obligations or of the rights of third parties by the user. The user acknowledges the value of the information transmitted to FVM Srl through the App and indemnifies it from any damage caused in carrying out the requests sent.


The data relating to the use of the service and navigation are collected, processed and used by the service manager, according to the conditions described in the document entitled "Information on the processing of personal data" (https://app.cibos.cloud/privacy). The service manager does not sell or transfer personal information relating to the user to third parties for marketing purposes without his explicit consent - monitoring the status of the system aimed at preventing, detecting, excluding failures; reporting transactions; preventing, detecting, excluding unlawful or prejudicial behaviors for the IT system; detecting the state of the system and measuring its performance; - improvement of the services provided to the user, both with free access and with personalized access; - analysis of needs, carried out by processing the collected data, including through the use of other communication tools (eg. e-mails, surveys), for the improvement and development of the services offered. The terms and conditions of the processing of the user's personal data are specified in the document entitled "Information on the processing of personal data".


Unless otherwise specified, communications must be sent to the email address: contact@fvmitalia.com/p>


By accepting this document, the user accepts that the relationship relating to the App and the use of the service is governed by Italian law. The only competent court for any dispute is that of Treviso.


The terms and conditions of the service described in this document may be subject to changes at the sole discretion of FVM Srl, which will be reported by official communication (by email or ordinary mail). Unless otherwise specified, all new terms and conditions will be automatically effective, in the absence of an express dissent from the user, after 15 (fifteen) days from the date of modification.