FVM Srl, our values are:

synergy and innovation : we love the exchange of views! Every project is something new and every task something different! The comparison allows us to always find the best solution. We face solutions as a team with applications that directly involve the user and do not scare us from the news and challenges they involve.

competence and responsibility : we are aware that our customers' business depends on our work and our skills are part of the success of every project.

attention to detail: we always identify the solution with the best benefits, even though we are aware that perfection does not exist while comfort does.

flexibility to go : we believe in design and initial specifications, but we are aware that it is not always possible to foresee everything. And then, the more you get the more you want!

long-lasting relationships : building a relationship of trust and lasting collaboration are the essential goal of our business.

FVM Srl, we are a team of developers specialized in food-web, we are curious, we like technology and we love our job of developing hybrid Web and Mobile Applications. Today mobile applications are an important tool for business, both as marketing tools and as tools for increasing business productivity. Hybrid applications are like native applications: they are downloadable from the stores. The difference is that hybrid applications are developed using open web technologies, rather than platform-specific languages ​​(iOS, Android…). This means that hybrid applications are cross-platform: they can be used on any device, while maintaining the same functionality and performance as native applications, thanks to the adoption of an open source framework for developing apps with a user interface (UI) optimized for smartphones and tablets.